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Book Covers Australia

Book Covers Australia

eBook Conversion

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Recipe book converted to ipad format
Internal recipe book

Hard copy book reformatted to fit tablet for the Department of Agriculture and Food.  The original book was square (250mm x 250mm) so would have been awkward to read on any tablet


We offer conversions from printed book files to tablet format or ebook format: epub or mobi for the likes of Kindle readers.


Because of the nature of eReaders and there are  many, automatic conversion from a PDF file to an ebook format using something like Calibre will not always appear the same as the printed book.


This can be a real problem with photos and chapters looking out of place or out of sequence.


Book Covers Australia we use Adobe InDesign to totally re format the PDF file so you can navigate through the chapters and the photos appear in the right section (not at the end of each chapter or even worse at the end of the book).


If you have a iPad or an Android-based tablet  with a 10" display, a PDF file will always look similar to the original book.


Unfortunately a PDF file can be very hard to read on the likes of a Kindle reader.


Keep in mind that the Kindle reader displays only black and white (for now) so the designed artwork for a Kindle book cover will have to look good in gray scale as well as colour.


Kindle White Paper Kindle Fire ereader tablet Barnes & Noble’s “Nook” e-reader kobo and nook eReaders


Sony ereader
Printing Press, typesetting


Ross MacLennan (Book Covers Australia) was able to connect with the themes of my new novel by designing a cover that was excitingly apt, well balanced, beautifully crafted and responsive to the demands of the book trade.

In the negotiations that followed he showed flexibility, patience and professionalism and delivered the goods as a very competitive rate.

Bruce L Russell

Award-winning author of

Jacob's Air



Ross MacLennan, from Book Covers Australia, completed the graphic design for the cover of our publication Man Overboard.

We had few ideas, but as soon as we sighted his arresting design we knew straight away that it was perfect for our publication.

Man Overboard has now nearly sold out, assisted by the fine work done by Ross.

We are pleased to recommend Ross’s graphic design talents to prospective users.

Sandra & Andy Rose

Authors: Man Overboard

Red Rose Books


Book Covers Australia undertook the cover design for my first novel, Hiding Place.

I found the company to provide an effective, efficient, helpful service, the experience was pleasant and the cost was very reasonable.

Ross MacLennan, whom I dealt with directly, added considerably to the front cover with ideas that enhanced the mystery that is intrinsic in the title.

Dave Goddard

Author: Hiding Place


I was a first time self-publisher who needed a customized book cover and a typesetter who would prepare my book for printing. Ross had the experience, professionalism and patience to make it all happen. I found he was most helpful as he guided me through the process. I discovered he was very consciousness about his work and nothing was too hard for him. I couldn't be more satisfied with his work and would certainly use him again.

James Yates

Author: 9370 Sooner or Later Everyone Pays the Price

James - Website

Amazon Books

It has been a pleasure to work with Ross MacLennan. It is one thing for an author to have his own ideas about how a book cover should look. It is another thing for a designer to take those ideas and produce a cover that embraces the author’s vision and looks great as a finished product. I am very happy with what has been achieved for my novel, Absence Makes and commend Ross for his patience and creativity.

Bruce Menzies

Author: Absence Makes,

The Warp and the Weft

Bruce - Website


I wish to convey my genuine praise in all aspects of my dealing with BCA.

From the very first phone call I was given assurance of quality work at a fair price.

I was given assurance of a sample of their intended work for my book cover which was submitted on time - as promised.

In dealing with BCA for something that I have been working on for 2 years, I was so pleased and relieved to receive a quality, hassle-free service at a very reasonable cost. My second novel will hopefully be completed in two months and I will have no hesitation in utilising the services of BCA again.

Thank-you, Ross and team for all your work and efforts.

Craig Phillips

Author: Battle Scar

Email: Craig


Ross Maclennan (Book Covers Australia) connected with me immediately.  After a simple discussion over the phone, I emailed a brief summary of my book and some graphics that I had in mind.

He took it a step further and presented something truly striking.  My book is set for release quite soon and his cover has made it very easy for me to generate some genuine pre-launch interest.

His assistance through each step made the process effortless and his response was always quick and informative.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ross to anyone for their project and have even asked him to have a think about the next cover idea that I have in mind.

Fiona Kerr

Author: Gripped

Email: Fiona


I have used Book Covers Australia on several occasions and found the covers they supplied to perfectly match my book.

I was impressed by how well their designs represented my book and they have helped to sell my books.

Rob Kennedy

Author: Five Ways, The Pusher

Amazon Books


In December 2012 Ross MacLennan designed a cover for my children’s historical fiction novel entitled Run Peter Run.

Ross’s starting point for the front cover was a running shadow figure (obtained from me), around which he designed a background.

I was delighted with the choice of colours which provoked a feeling of mystery and danger.  The choice of buildings was well suited to the time period and place (Germany 1940’s), as well as the use of red giving the illusion of escaping from a bomb blast.

The back cover is in similar colours and the faded background also perfectly suited, allowing the blurb in white, to be easily read.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the book’s cover.  It was exactly the ‘look’ I wanted.

Marianne Tozer

Author: Run Peter Run

Email: Marianne


I was first introduced to Ross MacLennan in 2004 when looking for a graphic artist to produce the cover for my book Additive Alert – Your Guide to Safer Shopping.

Ross was innovative and efficient to work with, and designed a cover for my book which is  both eye catching and memorable. I know from customer feedback that it is the cover design of my book which leads many customers to pick up my book for further inspection.

Since then I have used Ross on many occasions to design brochures and small projects and he is  unfailingly  reliable ,efficient ,helpful and creative. His work is always high of a very high standard and I am delighted to recommend Ross’ services and will continue to be a loyal and happy customer of Book Covers Australia.

Julie Eady

Author: Additive Alert -Your Guide to Safer Shopping.

Additive Alert

Ross MacLennan was recommended to me by the printer of my novel

New World Kingdom.

I produced a rough composite picture of the cover design which encapsulated the theme of the novel.

I sent a photo of the rough idea to Ross and I was stunned when, within the hour, he came back with what I had in my minds eye.

I changed a couple of small details and it was just what I wanted.

Ross has brilliant perception and ability to quickly produce the sort of artwork he hears you describe.

He's very flexible - and patient - to make whatever changes to achieve what you want.

I've seen his website and the other cover designs he's produced and I am very happy to go back to him for the cover for my second book, soon to be released.

I can thoroughly recommend Ross MacLennan as a graphic artist for book covers or any other purpose.

Greg Webber

Author & publisher

New World Kingdom



Ross MacLennan produced a striking cover for my novel Harvest of Greed, published in 2012. It was immediate,  arresting and also effectively conveyed the essential focus of the story. More than that, Ross listened.

This led to the vital extra touch of superimposed stockmarket-style trading figures on the cover -- an extra dimension to the cover image which further illuminated key aspects of the plot. He took extra care to get the technicals right and to fit in with the requirements of printers and publishers. In my view, and in the view of others who helped or advised on the book, it was an excellent job.

Michael Byrnes

Author: Harvest Greed

Michael - Website


Ross Maclennan from Book Covers Australia was extremely helpful and understanding from the first contact. He listened to what I wanted for my cover, made a few suggestions and  presented me with the perfect book cover for my memoir Taxi 528.  Beautifully designed, very reasonably priced, hassle free and on time. Ross is flexible, perceptive, knowledgable, innovative and extremely efficient. I look forward to using his services for my next book and would recommend him 100% to everyone! Thanks for making the process so pleasurable and stress free Ross!

Rowena Hopper

Author: Taxi 528 A Memoir


Personalised ONE OFF book covers. Professional and exclusive cover design at a fair price.

Your book has only a very limited time to attract the attention of the reader, therefore  the back cover and blurb is very important.


• A photo of the author gives a personal touch

​• Outline the reason for writing your book

• A synopsis or a brief insight of the book

​• A review or testimonial if possible are very important

​• You will also need an ISBN    (International Standard Book Number)

Book Covers - You can't judge a book by its cover?

Hard bound book cover, Book Covers Australia

Cover Samples

These are samples of book covers produced for printing and ebook publication by Book Covers Australia. Unfortunately there is not enough space to show the typesetting inside these books.


A good book cover manages to catch one’s eye and convey the idea and feel behind your book.


Our goal is to produce the book cover that YOU WANT with a high standard and at a reasonable price.


Your cover should reflect the inside of your book and this is done through the graphics that are chosen, the style of typesetting and font, as well as the colours that are used.

Book Cover Design

The cover of your book should be a visual that appeals to the buyer and reflects the story inside your book. We offer personalised, professional and exclusive one off designs for you at very competitive rates.


Book Covers Australia use Adobe CS software which is compatible with all printers in Australia and over seas. After the files are submitted to the printer, we are available to deal with any technical problems should they arise.


Images to be used for the cover design should be high resolution and sharp if supplied by the client. Book cover design includes the cover, spine and back, and inside flaps for hard cover books. Cover sample proofs will be provided to you as PDF files.


The total page count of your finished book interior will determine the spine width of the book cover. I will need a number of things later for the back cover, including your ISBN number and maybe a photo of yourself.


I feel that unless you’re writing something like a technical manual, it’s important to have a photo of yourself on the back cover. It adds a personality to your book and gives the reader a better understanding of yourself.

The Unknown Soldier and Other Poems, Book Covers Australia


Dust cover for The Unknown Soldier and Other Poems, Book Covers Australia

Dust jacket cover

The Unknown Soldier and Other Poems, Book Covers Australia

Inside cover

Verso         Recto

Verso - Recto

Verso - left hand side. Recto - right hand side. The terms are shortened from Latin rectō foliō and versō foliō, translating to "on the right side of the page" and "on the turned side of the page", respectively.

Parts of a Book

Front of Book


Half Title

Usually a single line in capital letters, precedes the title page, and only contains the title (as opposed to the author, publisher etc. found on the full title page).


Title Page

Repeats the title and author as printed on the cover or spine.



Technical information such as edition dates, copyrights, typefaces and the name and address of the printer and Graphic Designer.



A decorative illustration on the verso facing the title page. It may be related to the book's subject, or be a portrait of the author.



Text, in which the author names the person or people for whom he/she has written the book.



A phrase, quotation, or poem. The epigraph may serve as a preface or as a summary.



This is a list of chapter headings, and subheadings, together with their respective page numbers.



Typically written by someone other than the primary author of the work, it often tells of some interaction between the writer of the foreword and the book's primary author.



A preface generally covers the story of how the book came into being, or how the idea for the book was developed.



Acknowledges those who contributed to the creation of the book.



The introduction typically describes the scope of the document and gives the brief explanation or summary of the document.



A prologue is an opening to a story that establishes the setting and gives background details.


Back of Book



This piece of writing at the end of a work of literature or drama is usually used to bring closure to the work.



The conclusion to a piece of work; this is considered the opposite of the intro. These terms are more commonly used in music.



An afterword generally covers the story of how the book came into being, or of how the idea for the book was developed.



A ending section which states the concluding ideas and concepts of the preceding writing.



A postscript may be a sentence, a paragraph, or occasionally many paragraphs as an after thought.


Appendix or Addendum

This supplemental addition to a given main work may correct errors, explain inconsistencies or otherwise detail or update the information found in the main work.



The glossary consists of a set of definitions of words of importance to the work. They are normally alphabetized. The entries may consist of places and characters, which is common for longer works of fiction.



This list of terms used in the text contains references, often page numbers, to where the terms can be found in the text. More common in non-fiction books.



A postface is a text added to the end of a book or written as a supplement or conclusion, usually to give a comment or an explanation.





Book Covers Australia

Please contact us to discuss your requirements as well as for an obligation FREE QUOTE


Ellenbrook 6069


Western Australia


Phone:   (08) 9297 1951


Mobile:   0448 371 644

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Graphic Design

We use Adobe Creative Suite which delivers an unprecedented performance to produce:

• Advertising flyers


• Annual reports


• Book Layout


• Book marks

• Brochures


• Business stationary


• Catalogues


• eBook conversion

• Logo design


• Magazines


• Photography


• ​Photo restoration



• Press adverts


• Prospectuses


• Typesetting


• Websites



Well maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by it's cover, but unfortunately that’s exactly what most consumers tend to do with a book.


The content of your book is judged initially by the way your printed book or ebook is presented​​.


That is:

Book cover design.

Typesetting and the general layout and design.


The cover is your best way to advertise your book.


Consumers buy with their eyes and emotions, so a well designed cover gives your book a greater chance of being sold.


A book cover should create a positive feeling of “BUY Me Now” I’m worth the read.



Book Layout and Typesetting


The designing and typesetting of your book cover and interior by the one person will create a uniform look between the cover and the inside.


• Parts / Sections


• Chapters


Body text is usually typeset in a serif font, as these are perceived as more readable for text in dense blocks, whilst a sans serif font is usually used for captions or headings.


Book Covers Australia will create a print ready pdf file of your manuscript that will be accepted by your printer.


Before work can begin on the typesetting, your manuscript needs to be completely finished, proofed and edited.


You can submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word or similar via email.


Your manuscript should clearly show chapters and sub headings and the position of photos etc.


Place captions immediately below the reference to insert the image.

e.g. (INSERT pic 01 here)


(CAPTION: The author over looking Sydney Harbour)




Useful Links


Useful Links

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The national community legal centre for the arts

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Australian Author is the most vibrant source of discussion and commentary about writing and publishing in Australia.

The Australian Publishers Association (APA) is the peak national body responsible for representing the Australian publishing industry and for promoting the importance of the published word to the educational, social, cultural and intellectual life of Australia.

Australian Society of Authors

The Australian Society of Authors is the professional association for Australia's literary creators. The ASA:

• sets minimum rates of pay and conditions for writers and illustrators;

• publishes books, contracts and papers  for emerging and established authors



Australian Stories

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Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre

The Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre, affectionately known as KSP or Katharine's Place, is dedicated to encouraging Western Australian authors and running writing related activities in the former home of celebrated Australian writer, Katharine Susannah Prichard.

The Small Press Network (SPN) is the representative body for small and independent publishers in Australia.

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Success Print has all the latest printing equipment including  HP Indigo Digital Press. High definition digital colour printing at its best. Success Print can guarantee a first-rate book and brochure printing result in both black and white or colour.


Writing W.A.

Writing WA delivers a number of programmes and services throughout the State to support the professional development of Western Australia's writing practitioners, and develop new markets for books by WA authors.

Personalised ONE OFF book covers. Professional and exclusive cover design at a fair price.